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Just got my VW95ES yesterday, everything looks great, except shadow detail. I was watching I think it was Restaurant Impossible on Food network. The chef was wearing a black polo shirt, I can hardly made out the detail of his shirt, like folds should reflect the light differently, it was just a black blob. How does one improve shadow detail on this projector? I still haven’t gone thru all the settings yet, I will play with the gamma tonight, I’d appreciate any pointers. I...
Was anyone able to pass 1080p 3d thru a TX-NR5007, maybe had to put the receiver in bypass mode? or it has been confirmed TX-NRXXX7 won't support/can't handle 3D?
finally pulled the trigger and ordered a VW95ES from AVS before the SURE pricing kick in tomorrow. This will replace my 8yr old 720p Sony VPL-HS20. Screen is the original 2.8 HP, should be a huge step up.
I called today and AVS is out of RS40 B stock now. They do have a B stock RS45 for a few hundreds more than a B stock RS40.
I am ready to pull the trigger for a vw95es, does AVS has it in stock?
So you like this one more than the Sony VPL-VW95ES?
how is the hc9000a compare to the Sony VPL-VW95ES, or is it more comparable to the Sony VPL-HW30ES? I am saving up my money to get the 95ES, should be able to get one in 2 months, but it looks like the Mits HC9000a is just as good for a bit less money, which I can get it sooner.
black level only "rivals" the Espon 5010...as being twice as much as an Espon 5010, you would think it should beat it easily.
I have a SCS in storage that I am thinking about selling on the gon. it's in OK shape, probably a 6-7 on the audiogon scale. Let me knowif you are interested. I think the going rate for these are $200-300 each.
Can't afford a new one, is there a wait list for b-stock? If not, would love to be on the list so I won't miss out.
New Posts  All Forums: