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are they all gone now? man, I always miss a good deal...maybe it's a blessing in disguise.
another price increase on the CS2.4 on 4/1...up another $1000/pr, great, when I am ready to upgrade, I can probably sell for more than what I paid for them.
surprise, surprise, the site is down again...
The Adele 21 Vinyl sounds a lot better than the CD, the CD sounded like she had one hand in front of her mouth.
anyone saw the HW30 and the Sony vpl-vw95es, and ended up bought the HW30ES? because you just didn't think the VW95es' better picture is worth the extra 40%+ more in expense? I am upgrading from a 8yrs old Sony vpl-hs20.
get an used Krell KAV-400xi Integrated Amp for around $1200 and replace both your Rotel pre and amp. It has one balance input, and preout that you can use it as a pre-amp down the road, or use it as an output to a self-powered sub.
If the matching center can be used horizontally or vertically, does that mean it won't have that aluminium dome like cs3.7?
it looks like just a new "front page", all the pages within the links are still the same. I don't see how they could screw it up so badly and took them so long to get it right. It's still down as of this morning.
While you are there, don't forget to order the first 3D porn in blu ray disc.
Is filmlike the catchall term for grainy and slightly Blurry images?
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