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Hi indieke2, 12 flashes means the CPU does not work normally. Try unplugging it for a minute, it may reset itself. Walter
Maybe I was watching a different movie than everyone else, but I thought this movie sucked big. If I didn't know better, which I don't, I would guess this movie was funded, behind the scenes, by BIG PHARMA and they saved the world again with their wonderful vaccines! Great advertising for the end of a movie, what BS. Other than that, I thought the PQ paled in comparison to others I have watched lately(VW95/Oppo/Hurley screen). Audio was very good, had my butt kicker...
My Darbee seems to have a problem, it has reset itself a couple times in the past week. Meaning all the settinsg seem to go back to factory default settings. Has anyone esle experienced this and solved it?
I tryed a couple weeks ago to regisiter so I could sell my HW30 but I'm still waiting for a response back from them. Then it says if you are having problem click this link, alot of good that did, still waiting. I wonder if they even have a moderator monitoring the site.
Hi, I just recieved my B stock on Friday, 0hrs on the lamp but had about 82 hrs on the projector when I went into the service menu.
Wow that's one heavy beast, 199lbs.
Are these cheaper glasses any good?
Well I just updated to the Sony 95 (yee ha) so if anyone is looking for a spare HW30 I have one I'll be saying goodbye to, only 520hrs on it.
2K, wow, I think I have about 520hrs. I'm not sure what to ask for it, it's been cal'd, I did it myself with myi1pro and it looks great. Where do you live?
How many hours on your HW30?
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