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Component video offers amazing performance, but it requires a cable that can carry three high definition signals without interference. AudioQuest YIQ-1 is specially designed for the high-resolution demands of the latest generation of video components. High-performance YIQ-1 uses large, low-resistance, solid core silver-plated LGC conductors insulated by HCF hard cell foam and wrapped in a 100 percent coverage shield. YIQ-1's conductors are 2.5 percent silver and are 24...
These are decent quality came with HD DVR and I never used them. I don't just want to toss out. Can you use them? Cover shipping cost and they are yours.
I have 5 cables total. There are 2 Blk and 3 Red cables. •dielectric scale backs capacitive effect of insulation for higher transmission of high frequency information. •8-Cut 24k gold plated Turbine® RCA connectors provide more suitable contact mass and drive. •100% foil protective rejects distortions above the audio band for greater decision of harmonic detail. •UL CL3-Rated for in-wall use. 2.50 for shipping.
Can some explain how to set this up? I have component going from my comcast moto DVR box to my 9.8. I also have component going from my 9.8 to my JVC RS1X. When I switch from a HD to SD channel I get a blue screen for a few sec and a little note in the corner sayin HDMI out of range. I will also get the same thing if I go between my DVR and my PS3. I have tried to see if something is not set in the menu but all looks right. Thanks
I was wondering if anyone was using this combo? I am looking for a real simple way to transfer video to DVD without really needing to edit. Can this be done with the USB or is that strictly Sony to Sony?
Nope had not been following but I have the 9.8 so guess that is why. Thanks for the info!
ok a dumb question.. but what is it for or do??
You know it is funny, after I did my last post I thought about that too. Did a search and that very question popped up. Looks like the light on the button does not change. Kind of strange but makes me feel better knowing. Thanks Justin TC
Anyone have one this maybe you could help me. I had a 750 that I had hooked up to a trigger. When I would power on the A/V it would kick the 750 on and the little green light would come on. With the 770 the green light seems to always be on. When the A/V comes on I here it kick on and hum but when I turn off the A/V the light stays on. The trigger does not turn off the amp or at least it does not apear to.
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