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Happy Easter to all!.....For the record.....The video glitches occurred this morning almost immediately upon playback.Unit was cool, as it had not been used for many hours and had just been powered up.......so much for the heat theory!
Thanks!.....If you can, please note how long it takes to "sleep" after recordings have stopped.You stated that it "hibernates" (right out of the box), so I'm assuming that you didn't make any changes in the settings.
Originally you described it as a WD "My Book", not an "Elements". Is this a "portable" drive or a full size drive?.....I would also be curious as to exactly how long it takes for the drive to "sleep" after you've powered off the DVR+ (or after it finished making the the last recording). Please time it.Thanks!
The ones that I've used are both Seagate and WD USB powered "portable" drives.Channel Master recommends only the USB powered Seagate. I'm curious as to why you chose the WD "My Book" instead?Also.....does the WD that you're using spin down after a period of non use?If not, can it be set to do so?I realize that some prefer that a drive runs constantly (especially when used in this scenario) but I'm concerned about these "portable" drives, since there really not designed for...
I've noticed that it gets quite warm in general when it's been powered up for some time (not hot, though).Ambient temperature is certainly going to influence this though. Temperature in room (approx. 75 degrees) and unit was the same during glitchy playback vs. normal playback.Interesting.....Are these units overheating?......Is the operating temperature really relevant?Just wondering.....if, indeed, temperature is an issue, then perhaps using rubber bumpers on the bottom...
FYI..... I recorded "The Crazy Ones" (CBS 2 - consistently 100% for both SS and SQ). Initially, the playback had (what have become) typical glitches (primarily video "stuttering" or intermittent skips and freezes). At times the playback was normal and at times glitchy but certainly frequent enough to be of concern.....and certainly abnormal! Just for the heck of it, I decided to start watching it again (after watching "live" TV for a period of time). I accessed it from my...
Thanks for your insight!....."610R"?......."euro version"?.......so why isn't this (potentially major) issue being addressed here?.......especially if it can be resolved?.......rather than have customers returning (potentially many of) their units......fix the problem!!
So it's suddenly become an overnight sensation?......Would either yourself or others please be kind enough to comment and/or make suggestions regarding my post on the previous page (#3090 - regarding alternatives to the questionable "portable" EHD's)......it will be a helpful discussion for others as well.Thank you!
Is there anybody out there?...... Is this thread undergoing maintenance of some sort? (since there's been no activity for some time now)
I was under the impression that there was a merger between Hitachi and Samsung but I could be wrong..... (who can keep up with all of these mergers/acquisitions?).Regardless, Samsung's reputation for hard drives leaves a lot to be desired (from what I've read anyway)!
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