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Unfortunately you don’t have the right equipment, Marty. The ECM requires a mic pre amp, and you don’t have one. The Nady is only a phantom power source, it is not a pre amp. The UCA202 does not have a mic pre-amp either. What you need is a USB interface that has a pre-amp and phantom power built in. I’d suggest perusing HTS’s REW Soundcard Database for ideas on what to get. Regards, Wayne A. Pflughaupt
Scratch that – looks like this might fit the bill. http://www.behringer.com/EN/Products/MX882.aspx Regards, Wayne A. Pflughaupt
Probably going to be tough to find something like that. Technically speaking, the signal levels of all balanced pro gear operates in the same range, so there is no reason for such a thing to exist. Typically any actual signal boost needed to drive amplifiers has come from the electronic crossover, or more lately speaker processors such as the DCX2496. That’s probably your only outboard option. Regards, Wayne A. Pflughaupt
A regular RCA to 1/4” TS cable will work fine. A RCA to TRS cable that wasn’t wired correctly could be a problem however, as Mike noted. (Does anyone actually make a cable like that? I can’t imagine what it would be good for.) If the XLR is wired to Pins 2 and 3, with a jumper between 3 and 1, clipping the jumper can sometimes reduce noise if you’re getting a ground loop hum. If you aren’t, no reason to clip it.Now, if the XLR is wired to Pins 2 and 1, you definitely...
Another overlooked black-faced digital speaker processor is the Carvin XD360. I keep hoping someone will give it a test run and tell us what they think about it. Wouldn’t be hard, since they have a 10-day no-questions return policy; you’d only be out the return shipping. I’ve been using a Carvin amp for my subs for a number of years now and have no complaints.Regards,Wayne A. Pflughaupt
It’s a digital speaker processor like the DCX, not a signal booster per se. Google "Bunker Power Drive." Regards, Wayne A. Pflughaupt
The review is up! I think you single-digit hounds are going to be impressed! I generated a few graphs just for your benefit. http://www.hometheatershack.com/forums/electronic-processing-equalization-devices/73901-review-yamaha-ydp2006-digital-parametric-equalizer.htmlRegards,Wayne A. Pflughaupt
This has been very helpful, guys, thank you very much! Hope you don’t mind if I plagiarize/paraphrase some of this in the review. Regards, Wayne A. Pflughaupt
Hey Ethan, long time! Believe it or not I was just thinking about you yesterday, that we haven’t crossed paths in quite a while! No, haven’t seen that video, I’ll check it out. Regards, Wayne A. Pflughaupt
Are we talking about bit “loss” and distortion due to deficiencies in accompanying electronics, such as the power supplies? Or deficiencies in the actual converters themselves?Regards,Wayne A. Pflughaupt
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