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I've tested 2 different cables with the same result. It's almost like the receiver is just sending the wrong frame rate to the TV...if that's possible. IDK, I'm leaning towards calling Directv and getting a newer receiver...then Samsung if that doesn't fix it.
Which model do you have? I've tried a HR20 and HR21 so far with the same results for both.
Well I've been using game mode for the last few days and it seems to have helped the stutter and chop I was getting from my Directv, but it hasn't cured it completely. I really want to say the problem lies with the Directv receiver, since my HTPC and Bluray don't exhibit this problem, but I never had this issue with my old TV. I'm pulling my hair out on this...ugh!
Thanks for the info and let me say, that kinda suck. I had a B UN55B7100 before this TV and it was great until the screen started going wonky. At least with that set, when I turned stuff off it seemed to actually be off. I noticed that with this newer D series, AMP is never really turned off and I think turning off Film Mode doesn't do a gosh darn thing either. Ugh, Samsung! I'll try setting up game mode and keep us updated on your service call
Hey guys, I just got this screen as a replacement from a Best Buy extended warranty exchange and I'm having a weird issue. I have a PS3, HTPC, and Directv HR21 box all connected through my Onkyo 3700 to my TV via HDMI cables. All my inputs seem fine except the Directv box. Certain channels seem to look like the TV is dropping frames, the show will be smooth for a bit and then stutter. This only seems to happen on primetime shows too. I never see this stutter when my...
What receiver are you using? My onkyo has to have 3 separate settings set for it to pass full range. I have to set the Main HDMI menu option for resolution set to "Through" then the source HDMI menu option to "Source" and lastly set deep color (xvYCC) output to "Enabled". If I set it that way, the receiver doesn't clip colors, but not knowing your receiver, I'm not sure that any of this helps. Also, with some of the older Onkyo's if you had the receivers OSD set to...
SamuriHL, I have a 40b650 and a UN55B7100, both have a really similar menu system to your tv. What mode is the tv in? (Movie, Standard, Dynamic) or did you say you were using PC mode? I've noticed that if you select Movie mode all you menu options open up. Basically, using PC presets a number of options in you menus, but Movie mode allows you to setup a custom configuration. I never had a problem passing BTB and WTW to my b650, but I know for a fact, I'm not using PC...
I've been watching this thread closely and I have a question for Andy O and SamuriHL. I know bought of you had ATI 5xxx series cards and have/are experimenting with the new bit-streaming fermi cards. My question is, is the 460,450 ready for prime-time (driver support too) or should I hold tight to my 5770? I have a few little annoyances with my current setup and have been thinking hard about jumping to a Fermi based card in hopes that it would iron out a few things for...
+1 for MediaPortal. I tried XBMC and like the look and feel but it didn't have the customability of MePo and didn't bit-stream (easily). MePo let's me decide which renderers I want to use and the dynamic refresh rate switcher worked like a champ. I was hooked at that point. I tried the 7mc/media browser thing and it always seemed clunky to me. MePo skinned with my custom streamedMP skin is sweet and fast.
Like dbone said, probably between 20-30gb. I just did Ironman 2 and it was 28ish GB. I don't compress a thing, I just dump the raw video and audio into the MKV and I'm done. Just doing a quick looksee...Transformers was 36GB and that's extremely big for a bluray rip.
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