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Every panel is a little different and it would definitely be worth while picking up a cal disk. DVE is less than $20 and worth having in your tool box.
I would think that all the power switching would mess up the CCFL much quicker than picking a level and setting it constant.
Stupid question, does setting energy savings to auto effectively reduce the lifespan of your backlight?
Being a glutton for punishment, I updated my set with the newest FW and it forsure fixed the SRS-surround problem. At first glance, it indeed looks like AMP was upped again, but with the ability to shut it off. I'll have to go into the SM and double check the number when I get a chance. I also noticed the wireless configuration setting now available. It was grayed out, but just for grins, I plugged in a wireless-g usb stick I had laying around. It didn't work. I...
Mine doesn't seem that bad and I have 2 huge inside dogs. I do wipe it down once a week when I do my normal house hold dusting, so I'm sure that helps.
I contacted Samsung about this a few weeks ago and was told that they knew about the bug. The tech told me that it would be addressed in the next firmware and that the firmware would be released late May or early June. This is the same firmware that will allow the 650 series to use the new wireless LinkStick. I was told that the firmware is pretty much done and was being tested. Take it for what it's worth.
Ahh, but find one of those 12% off mailers and now we're talking sub Amazon. This is for the 52" at least.
Not 100% sure if anyone mentioned this, but both BB and CC have really nice surprises on their websites in regards to the 650 series. Both stores have become very competitive compared to Amazon. How's that for not talking prices.
I had the same problems with Podol's settings and it's what prompted me to do my own calibration. I did notice, during my color measurements, that this TV has a pretty significant green push in the yellow color. Reducing the amount of green in the color space didn't help, but adding more red to the primaries and secondaries seemed to relieve the green push. I really don't know why cnet went with such a low backlight setting. I guess they wanted that movie theater feel,...
Try raising your brightness a couple clicks. Brightness controls your blacks.
New Posts  All Forums: