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I'm experiencing the same dropout issue with Monsters University 3D and like yourself I also haven't tried the 2D version (yet). The difference with myself is that I'm using a BDP-103 with my 80.3. I've read a few threads that mentioned the dropouts on the 3D version but I'm not sure if this happens on all/most equipment.-- Bill --
I agree that the 80.3 is not fully balanced but none of the consumer based products are - even the high end equipment. If you want truly balanced XLR outputs you must get into pro audio equipment. That being said I have zero hum on my 80.3 system.-- Bill --
I was down at the Danley's demo room about 18 months ago and spent 5 to 6 hours auditioning their speakers. Surprisingly their demo room is not that well treated. Their building is very industrial looking. Their demo room looks like it was at one time raw storage space with high ceilings. The room is long and wide and it had very little room treatments, mostly curtains are hung in front of the wall surfaces. That being said their speakers sounded fantastic!If you are...
Reserved. I just woke up so I'll hopefully post my comments on the speakers latter this evening or tomorrow at the latest. Went to my sister's straight from the airport for a family gathering and didn't get home until late last night. -- Bill --
Will see you in the lobby - THANKS !!!-- Bill --
What time are people leaving the Hampton Inn in the morning? If you have a ride do you have room for another? -- Bill --
I'll be bringing the floor plans of the house that we are building in the spring. Would like to bounce some ideas around with you guys regarding the HT in the basement. Good sized rooms and reasonable height so there is plenty of flexibility. -- Bill --
The Cat8's aren't too bad. It's those Cat12's and SubMersives that are a b!tch to carry. Thanks Mike for making the effort of bringing them in.Will be going to the airport in about an hour and should be landing around 4:00pm if there are no flight delays. I'm so looking forward to this weekend. -- Bill --
Good to see that there are others that are still awake. -- Bill --
$50 sounds very fair to me. Thanks Jim and Andrew for putting all this work into planing this event.-- Bill --
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