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If you are interested in front firing speakers take a look at the F2's. They have the same sound signature as the SubMersives but front firing. I have a couple and they are simply OUTSTANDING !!!-- Bill --
IMO, one of the many benefits of using active speaker design is that you are using the same amplifier(s), and typically a DSP, that the speaker engineer used when designing the speaker for optimum performance. The engineer has taken all of the guess work has been taken out of the equation. The benefit to you is that each and every speaker will sound the same out of the box.How many times have you read countless pages of people discussing/arguing over "What amp do you...
I'm a huge movie nut and I got my Seaton system primarily for movies 90 - 95%, and music 5 - 10%. However since I got my Seaton speakers a little over a year ago, I now find myself listening to music 70 - 80% of the time, and movies 20 - 30% of the time. My interest in music had dropped off over the years but that has all changed now. As others have already mentioned the Cat12C's are very revealing. The downside to this is that imperfections in recordings become very...
Wired mode for the HT but we just ordered a sound bar for the family room which is wireless. -- Bill --
Can someone please post the URL to Ted's website. I would like to avoid getting advice from the wrong "sound proofing" company.Thanks in advance.-- Bill --
i'd be interested in a meet shirt.If we are going to vote - the $10 baseball style jersey.-- Bill --
I'm planning on having a few brews and a little chin wag'n. -- Bill --
Dennis's construction crew are extremely quick but I can't say the same for his photographer. -- Bill --
Great to hear that the top and bottom screen frames are working out for you.Any ideas as to what you and your better half are going to watch this weekend to christen the room?-- Bill --
I didn't upgrade from the Paradigm Signature or Focal Electra speakers. But my guess is that the ones that did will say that the only regret that they have, is that they didn't upgrade to the Seatons sooner than they did. -- Bill --
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