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I'll be interested to hear your thoughts on the new projector once you've had a chance to set it up.-- Bill --
Just six more weeks gentlemen before all of the fun begins! -- Bill --
Sounds like you got a good deal and welcome to the world of projectors.-- Bill --
What projector did you end up going with?-- Bill --
I've also have read some articles that state that eye level should be 1/3 from the bottom of the screen but that may be better suited for commercial theatres with multiple seating rows and high ceilings. This is not practical for most HT enthusiasts due to our desire for large scenes and typically lower ceilings.I have mount my screen mounted so that my eyes and ears are at mid screen due to height of the screen and the 7.5' ceiling. Since I only have one row of seating...
Ear level is perfect when you just have one row but centre of screen common if there are multiple rows. My existing room ear level is in the centre of the screen but I suspect that at the screen will be mounted higher in the new HT room.-- Bill --
Those are my thoughts also.-- Bill --
A friend of mine is more into the commercial side of the AV business (design, AV calibration, etc.) and always touted the Stewart line of screens. He kept telling me that there were just too may comprises being made with woven screens. Long story short, he's been over several times now and he is just blown away with the sound quality, soundstage and picture quality. He now has a different opinion of woven screens. -- Bill --
Welcome to the cult. I've had my Cat12/Cat8/F2 setup for about a year now and I'm still amazed every time I turn these puppies on. Have to say that this was the best purchase that I've ever made. Enjoy!!! -- Bill --
Do not fret my little pet - Debbie does not suspect a thing. -- Bill --
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