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Would have loved to hear the Triad's but so be it. I'm OK with either decision but I'm leaning towards focusing on the 4 heavy hitters. Rarely do we have an opportunity to audition and compare speakers of this quality so I wouldn't mind focusing on the heavy hitters. YMMV.-- Bill --
Your theatre should be outstanding when completed - thanks for sharing. -- Bill --
Looks great Brandon - keep up the good work !!! -- Bill --
Hey Chris. First of all congrats on your new projector. It sounds like you are just loving it to death. I remember coming over to your place when you first received the RS1 and watching it on your painted wall, and then latter after you installed the HP screen. It's amazing how things have changed since then. Best Wishes, -- Bill --
No questions at this time but please do post your findings.-- Bill --
I just booked by airline tickets - PM sent with contact information.-- Bill --
Sounds great - THANKS !!!I'll be booking my flights / room sometime this weekend. Once that's done I'll PM you my contact information.-- Bill --
I may take you up on the chauffeur offer if it's OK with you. I'll be flying down on the Friday and heading back home on the Sunday. What time is your Sunday morning flight?-- Bill --
Hi there. I haven't booked my airline tickets yet but I typically arrive on the Friday in the afternoon. Both times that I've come down I've stayed at the Hampton Inn - Glen Mills (link below). It's about 5 to 10 minutes away from Andrew's place, rooms are very clean, and reasonably priced. Take a look at their rates and decide for yourself.http://hamptoninn3.hilton.com/en/hotels/pennsylvania/hampton-inn-and-suites-chadds-ford-CFORDHX/index.html-- Bill --
Curious as to what you ended up doing?-- Bill --
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