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Two quick questions... Why are there no native 2:35 projectors? Who will be the first to bring one out and at what cost?
If it is the 28th I will not be able to attend.
What can be said that Joel has not already said? First of all I would like to echo ALL of Joel's comments regarding brightness, detail, film like picture, and sharpness. I am not in disagreement with a single thing that he has said, nor do I think that his comments are overstated. That being said there are a few observations of my own that I would like add... Blacks During our evaluation someone walked up to the screen and put their hand in front of the letterbox...
I suggest that once all of the details have been confirmed they be published in the first post.
Twins!!! Who is getting the better of the two?
Can someone please tell me where in Canada the Gemstones are manufactured. Thanks in advance.
I live in Toronto but Oakville works for me...would love to see the Anthem equipment in action (top of my short list). Would also like to participate in the system calibration if possible.
I'm interested...count me in.
Where is it stated that the SMX is THX certified?
I Agree!
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