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No argument from me.
I've never understood this sense that we should forget those towers ever existed. Taking it to the extreme of removing the towers from shows/movies that pre-date 9/11/01. The towers did exist, planes crashed into them, now they no longer exist. Yes, it was horrible, Yes, thousands of people died. But they DID exist and there's no reason why they should be off limits anymore than anything else that once existed and no longer does. Should we not mention a famous actor...
I totally agree. It's definitely HD, but there are certain shots (particularly interior with maybe a little less lighting) when you can see a good amount of film grain noise. But just because you can see that doesn't mean it's not HD.
I can vouch for this as well. The FiOS DVR is definitely better than the Comcast DVR. That's not to say it's great, but it works much better.
I did state earlier that it was indeed renewed for a 3rd season. But thanks for providing more conclusive evidence as apparently at least one other person didn't see my post earlier today.
There will be a 3rd season. It was announced several weeks ago.
Yep, and many burbs around Philadelphia had Suburban Cable years ago before Comcast gobbled them up too.
Yep! Everyday we could be walking on and killing small insects. So, at what size (or level of cuteness) does a living thing need to get to before it matters if we kill it (or see it being killed)?
This is good news. I too enjoy this show. But, it's a funny thing that I don't highly anticipate this show each week like I do for some other shows like 24. But, everytime I watch Medium, I thoroughly enjoy it. It's kind of weird. Then again, maybe it's just because a show like 24 is like a drug and I need my fix. Medium on the other hand is just good drama without the constant "edge of seat" tactics.
Yep, that specific sequence was what I had in mind when I posted my message. There was at least one other scene too (I think in the other episode I saw) but I forget what it was now. And with the elephant scene, it was dark and even with HD you couldn't really see that much detail anyway. So, I don't know how anybody could have a problem with it.
New Posts  All Forums: