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I will be touring in Texas during mid-October, with additional dates in western Tennessee/east Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas City. Tues-Wed, October 11-12 -- Memphis TN & Little Rock AR areas Thu-Fri, October 13-14 -- Houston TX area Sat, October 15 -- Corpus Christi TX area Sun-Wed, October 16-19 -- Austin TX area Wed-Fri, October 19-21 -- Dallas-Fort Worth TX area Sat, October 22 -- Oklahoma City/Tulsa OK area Sun-Tues, October 23-25 -- Kansas...
I'm going to be in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area next week and have a couple of openings (morning and afternoon) on Wednesday, Sep 28. If anyone in the Twin Cities area is interested in booking with me for these dates and times, you can contact me via 314-226-1705 to discuss details and arrangements.
zandc,I'm going to be doing a tour of Texas and Oklahoma in mid-October. I'd be happy to take care of you then. I've sent you a private message with more details.In the meantime, you can read more about my background and experience here:http://www.isfforum.com/details/clearly-resolved.html
moman, I used to have the sort of problems with kSDk that you describe above just about this time of year. It appeared to be intermittent multipath. Unfortunately, I don't know it's currentlyl happening at my end, as my HD TiVo recently died (it shows overheating errors, even though it doesn't appear to be especially warm). If I manage to get this fixed (I'm thinking I'll pull it out of my rack and check all the vents and fan later today), I'll let you know what I find.
Here's some potentially interesting HD programming news -- according to a Gizmodo report, CBS is working on converting "Star Trek: Next Generation" to HD, with the episodes to be made available (at least initially) via Netflix. From Gizmodo: ______________________________________________________ Well, this news is a long time coming for most Star Trek Fans. Apparently, CBS is hard at work remastering the Next Generation as an HD offering, and will beam it to you via...
Bob, Are your reboots triggered automatically or is this by you in response to losing the connection? I had a problem with lost connections in the past that seemed to coincide with wet weather. Eventually it was traced to the cable coming into house; once it was replaced, the problem stopped and hasn't been an issue since then. Anyway, hope you get it sorted out -- this sort of thing can drive you mad, especially when you're depending on Charter to identify the solution.
Hey Tom, nice to see you here -- it's been a while. It's also been quite a while since the Internet dogs have had a chance to have at our favorite chew toy -- Charter Communications. If anything is going to liven things up here, that ought to do it. I actually don't have any great solutions for you. I have DirecTV for TV and Charter for Internet. It's by no means a perfect pairing, but Charter Internet service is pretty good on balance. The big benefit to limiting...
I'm available in Nashville, TN area at the weekend. If anyone is interested, please make contact by phone at 314-226-1705. I may also be available in Memphis on Sunday.
Breaking the silence (no one can hear you yawn in an inactive AVS thread)... a list of little-known facts about "Firefly": http://carsort.com/blog/firefly-infographic/
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