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I actually completely agree with you.
If they are 6K then they may as well plan on making about 10.
I will have to try a 2143.
I was asked by a handful (who read my Review) and I was told it was firmware....
The "E" movie should have come up as a freebie the first time you set it up. I would make the call and ask them about it. You should be getting it plus the 300.00 vouchers. Plus anything else free if you got lucky.
I've only watched a couple movies so far. American Hustle which is not Demo material whatever format and Elysium. We were completely happy with it and at first I was trying to "hear" differences but soon after playing I completely forgot. It was very good. I don't really remember DVD audio but I would say it is as good or better than those super bit dvd's DTS soundtracks. Movie previews for the most part sound damn good. I actually prefer my optical connection with DirecTV...
The new Amazing Spider-Man 2 preview looks pretty good! Sound is excellent as well.
Sony has said that legally they have to put a Refurbished or B stock label when they swap the board out of their remaining stock 1000s. They can't consider them brand new A stock at that point which makes sense.
I would start with Primary Pass Through. Quite a few years back when I had the dual LG model (Blu ray and HD DVD) if I remember it would do True HD and DTS HD.
I am still using Monster HDX Hypers (35' long) without issue. Of course I got them for a lot less than msrp. And I know many people hate Monster but so far I have been very happy.
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