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XTC's Drums and Wires has been mentioned as having a release date in Spring of 2014.
Another vote for Yogi Bear. Great stuff! (And although not an "A" movie (which I would reserve for "classic cinema"), it's certainly an enjoyable movie to watch.)
I'm also surprised that there's not more affection for the music of XTC. Andy Partridge writes some of the cleverest lyrics contained in pop songs...pop songs which often expand and explore the normal bounds of traditional pop music. Although Nonsuch is not my favorite XTC album, but there's more than enough on it to keep me engaged when I listen to it.
My CTE has dispatched from Amazon UK. Yipeee!
Yes, I watched all of the video content. The studio footage of the band working on Nonsuch was shot by Gus Dudgeon with him making a video recording of the proceedings. Interesting to me as a fan, but maybe not to the more casual viewer as the band rehearses some songs and works out certain sections repeatedly on the song "Then She Appeared" to get just the right drum beat, guitar parts. There's also a promo with the band for Canadian TV. The other videos are music...
Having fully listened to the album, I guess I should go back and edit my original post to state that all of the songs have benefited from the 5.1 treatment and it's hard to pick out which ones are the stand-outs---sound-wise. The back surrounds have been wonderfully integrated into the mix. I wonder which XTC will be worked on next. If they continue in reverse order (starting with Nonsuch), then Oranges & Lemons would be next. (And they'd still be far away from what I...
Not to take anything away from Yes, but I thought this fabulous band deserved its own thread and shouldn't be co-sharing a thread. (And XTC was always, for me, the better band when it came to songs and albums, and, Yes, even sometimes musicianship. ) My copy of Nonsuch (Blu ray) arrived today from Amazon UK. Yippee!!! I only spent about forty-five minutes sampling the tremendous amount of material on the release. -- 5.1 mixes are wonderful! They really open up the...
Nil,Thanks for the tip. In for one. I'm not the biggest Van Fan, but I'm a big surround music fan.
Agree. I was a Onkyo fan for years and years and also dabbled with Pioneers off and on. The Aventage line won me over.
My Blu ray of Nonsuch shipped out from Amazon UK on 11/2. Should be getting it this week.
New Posts  All Forums: