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Not yet. I did just get a new table saw, router and fence system, which are almost installed, so I'm hoping to get to it int he next few months.
There's compressed and there's compressed. iTunes is crap compared to BD. Don't get me wrong if I want to watch a silly comedy or wife wants to watch a chick flick, I'll stream for. iTunes. Any decent movie warrants a BD disk or equivalent quality download
Not even remotely blu-ray quality
IS this something other members can get?
IS this the one with the sharp panel? I installed a 55" 7100 for my buddy yesterday. PQ was fantastic. I have a Pioneer Kuro, so have a good frame of reference (but it wasn't a side by side comparison)
Thanks a lot
Thanks for replyI read a bit about this and a lot of people seem to have problems with dolby digital and discrete input selection (with Logitech harmony etc.)Do you use ARC or Optical and do you have any issues. my brother will have a blu-ray and cable box (directTV I think) hooked upregardsmark
Hi Guys My brother just bought one of these and an ultraslim wall mount. he has a big birthday coming up, so was going to get him a soundbar and wireless sub. I heard the Samsung ones are quite good but couldn't find anything on the samsung site about compatible soundbars . Has any one got any recommendations for a model that's a perfect fit for the bottom of the TV Thanks Mark
+1 - never use anything else now
Yes check this too http://www.guidingtech.com/12370/show-icons-instead-of-thumbnails-windows-explorer/
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