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I was kind of expecting the Hit Man to take a fall on to the tracks. This is my favorite new show this season. Almost as fun as Castle.
Yeah, this is the only primetime show that I look forward to watching every week. I even watched it live last night, commercials and all.
I thought that Batman does a Reese voice.
I still wish that it would end up on a Digital Sub Channel one day.
Yeah, but I just started to watch the series so its new to me.
I don't need news when I have the Onion.
Ok. Just got a 'real' HDTV (been using a 480p Plasma since 2003). Now I can actually realize the benefit of BlueRay. This is for a Bedroom TV, so it won't be connected to A/V receiver. I am looking for a BD player that has decent web app performance (Netflix, YouTube, etc.) I don't need Wifi since I have a ethernet already run to this location. My TV is a Samsung so I'd prefer a Samsung Player, but reading reviews on their website it appears that they have issues...
So did this go to 4.2 or 4.3?
Somehow I never considered Baltimore much of a Country Music market. But Hey, this channel will likely only be around for about 18 months anyway. I still miss "The Tube" from time to time. Early on they really had some good music.
Another from www.dcrtv.comRobert used to post here frequently, especially when WJLA had frequent ATSC transitions issues. Looks like he is striking out on his own. Good Luck Robert.
New Posts  All Forums: