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Another from www.dcrtv.comRobert used to post here frequently, especially when WJLA had frequent ATSC transitions issues. Looks like he is striking out on his own. Good Luck Robert.
I watched Metropolitan Opera Carmen on WMPT last night. Real nice. I let the kids stay up to 11pm to watch. Good thing, I had missed it on WETA last weekend.
Why, can't something based on a Bible story be entertaining? I know that I sure have enjoyed watching Lost.
That would be appreciated. I actually like to watch Dave Ramsey at 8pm on Fox Bidnez. I tried to like Stossel, but he sure lost something once leaving 20/20. Maybe its the talk show format.
Ok. I'm a bit of skeptic here. Verizon stops deploying their wildly popular FiOS because they cite costs. Ok, I can see where running fiber everywhere can be quite expensive and hard to justify on a bottom line. Especially when it will take years an years to recoup. Plus at the time, Verizon was worried about Comcast and others taking away their dial-tone copper customers with VoIP services. Instead what has happened was that Verizon Wireless & iPhone/AT&T have...
Not in HD if you have Dish Network.
Sorry, but I don't. Have you tried action antenna?
I have had Fios internet since 2005 and it has been rock solid. But I don't have their TV. From what I have seen and heard about it though, it gets thumbs up.
They never have before, so I would not hold out hope.
It seems logical. I will say that my interest in following HD has waned because it has become.... well, so mainstream that it is not particularly interesting anymore. But 3D TV! now that can get me going again. Bye Bye HD Theater? That was the first thing that I thought of to. Too bad, because I been watching it again since they started to carry WRC racing. Still, I really do have to wonder how many people will go out of there way when "glasses" are required. ...
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