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I watched too. It was good to see the old WBFF-TV logo. You gotta put the sign off up on YouTube sometime. Loved seeing the National Anthem again too, even with 60s era jets.
Thats kind of how networks have operated for years. Not much survives the first season
I'd venture a guess and say that he is watching the MASN SD channel and is seeing stuff pillar boxed.
Looks great.
Plus when you watch the "extra" features on the CW Movie DVD, you see 2.35:1 footage for many of the TV Episodes.
Its on HD over on 45.1 WBFF. I have watched Ch5 jump in and out of HD. 45 is solid HD.
Yeah, I've been watching it from the beginning on CN. The look grows on you quick. Plus you also find that they only seam to use the "carved wooden puppet" look on a few of the characters. Later on with most non-human characters they take a more natural look. Still the atmosphere art of the show is great, plus it can be a lot of fun too.
hehe, no kidding.
Everyone here will agree that Dish Network is the best and that is the only one that you should consider. Cyclone ducks for cover
No I never did post it. I'll do that now.
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