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No I never did post it. I'll do that now.
I always figured it was fine to put the notification on the digital signal, because some customers may watch the digital signal on the primary TV, but may still be effected on their secondary analog TVs. So keeping them informed of the analog cut off is still important, even if they do have digital to some extent. As for splitting this thread. That call comes up about once a year. The end result is always the same, the thread is strongest with both DC and Baltimore...
Agreed, the last minute date change is a bad misstep. Those who aren't ready in Feb, but will be ready in June are likely very few in number. Chances are if you are not going to be ready next week, you also won't be ready in June.
hehe. I want to defend the show, but really that is pretty accurate.
I recorded both on Toon Disney HD. They were both 4:3, but looked too go us.
Kids loved it. I'm also glad That the Disney channel didn't seem to have that many commercial breaks.
I recommend the Dish Network DTV PAL DVR as a good standalone HD tuner with DVR built in. There are a lot of Coupon Eligible DTV tuners out there, but they can't output in HD (or else they lose their coupon eligibility). Look over in the HDTV hardware and recorders forums.
That is one thing that impresses me about the Disney Channel. They actually air their A-List movies frequently. Cars, Monsters, Incredibles, etc.. I even get to record their classics. Just in the past few weeks, I got Aristiocats and The Rescuers. I just have to remember to scan through the guide every week or so.
I just wish that I could put a "soft return" inside of a cell.
Even though Hagerstown is in the DC DMA, its really too far out for anyone in the DC area to receive. I've never been able to receive a signal from there and I'm on Mont county which is NW of DC, so I'm closer than most. I'll correct the WNVT data. Thanks PS. I'll give $100 imaginary dollars to whoever can figure out how I can insert a Carriage Return inside of a cell in these vBulletin tables.
New Posts  All Forums: