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Just a late reminder that the Obama speech tonight will likely affect this live show.  If you DVR, you might want to pad the end time to be safe.
One thing slightly bugging me is what is the purpose of introducing Masuka's daughter?  They seem to be going somewhere and then she is just a prop with a dumb story.  They knew this was the end, so cramming her plot in makes little sense.
I agree about the potential for killing Mickey - it was never going to happen and the way they handled it was far too drawn out just to get where they did.  You just knew they were going to come up with a reason Sully stops so all the suspense building that up wasn't very suspenseful.  The multi-arc results that sets up are interesting for future stories, but they could have gotten to it much easier.  I don't know what it is about the wife that upsets you guys, but I don't...
I can live with the various nits, given the overall brilliance of this show.  The shootout was wildly unrealistic in several ways and the DEA Agents would be hard pressed to operate that way in secret from their office as they have for a few weeks now.  But this is no Fonzi jumping the shark moment for me.   This show is simply too riveting and beautifully done and I miss it already.
Knowing that it's ending, I will also stick with it just to see how they end it.  Had they kept going, I would have stopped watching until the end was announced.
Mel B is a waste as a judge.  She proclaimed one very talented act out because they do the same thing over, then she uses a valuable wild card pick for the self-named one note group (and totally untalented) B-o-o-t-y.  She finished her amazing show of intellect with the comment that she wasn't sure if the magic is real or not.  I was surprised Key made it through after that awkward performance and I also find him annoying with that over the top laughing/smiling he does. ...
Just terrific.  The taped confession setup was brilliant.  Great writing, acting, filming - a true trifecta.
That (final season) would work for me and keep me watching.  It hasn't quite gone full "Burn Notice", but close.  Assuming the end is indeed near and they can write it that way, I will stick with it.
While still full of the usual implausible, if not impossible, plot points and escapes with sharpshooters who are not so sharp, the main story was actually entertaining for once.  By duct taping my eyes to avoid excessive upward rolling syndrome, I was able to enjoy the overall story.  This gives me hope that they are putting in a bit more than the usual effort to wrap it up in a satisfying or interesting way.
Whatever integrity the show ever aspired to, it was obliterated when Mel B voted to bring those guys back.  Mandel often votes for questionable acts just out of novelty, which is a waste given some of the others left behind.  But, at this point, bringing back the Booty act borders on shameful when they proclaim they have the tightest competition ever of truly worthy talent.   
New Posts  All Forums: