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The UTV was an exceptional DVR. Many that have switched to the HR20 have realized how good the UTV was. Things like the 30 second skip, auto-padding, actually recording what it's supposed to, and many other features are sorely missed. Did you know that the UTV lives on in a new DVR? Yes, there is a UTV-HD in a way. The AT&T U-verse HD DVR is based off the old UTV! In reality not much is the same other than the core concept, but you can see the UTV roots in the...
Good news for Olevia owners who use DirecTV. The new DirecTV RC64 remote is supposed to be released on July 16th. This is the new remote that has Olevia codes. DirecTV won't take orders until it's released on the 16th, but they may be showing up at other places very soon. -Joe
Both the HR20-700 and HR20-100 have a 30 second SLIP feature... not skip like UTV. The HR20 is starting to come around. Not quite as good as the UTV in many ways, but far superior in others. DTV has been sending software updates for the HR20 about every week. At least they're making progress. -Joe
Make sure you have the latest firmware loaded on the 537H and force a download of the latest software for the HR20. Other than that I don't have any suggestions. Sorry. -Joe
I'm not sure what's going on with them. I've tried to order a second 537H but the vendor told me that they haven't received their shipments due two weeks ago and their phone messages to Syntax have gone unanswered. I sure hope they haven't vanished. -Joe
The 537H has a couple of quirks that are bothersome to me. I'm only using over the air HDTV local stations right now (I can pick up 17 of them) but the 537H seems to "forget" them from time to time. It boots up on channel 1 and you have to go thru the channel autodetect to get the channels back. I've got it set to autodetect the time. Timezone is set correctly, but it always sets itself two hours earlier than my local time. I'd also like to display the time on...
I'm not sure where the 2009 date came from either. I will be surprised if the UTV service is still going in 2009. There have already been several exceptions made for UTV regarding security updates, but I don't think there are enough UTV users to warrant further exceptions.
One more 537H question. Does anyone know if there's a signal meter for OTA digital channels? I'm not sure if I have my OTA antenna aimed correctly or not. A signal meter would help. Thanks, -Joe
Just got a new 537H. After a few setup problems all is well. I tried to download new firmware but it says there's no new firmware. My installed version shows: 537-B11-061218A Anyone know of a newer version? I was hoping that newer firmware would decrease the power-on delay (about 10 seconds). Seems very slow. Thanks, -Joe
It's on the upper left on all my boxes. I don't remember previous software versions, but I think it's been on the top left all along.
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