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Quote: Originally posted by videoholic No clue what youa re talking about. I have had mine on almost continuously for over a year and I haven't missed a single show. Sorry but no you haven't unless you don't have any scheduled series listed. This is a documented problem with UTV. Call your UTV support people and they will verifiy it for you. Once UTV records about 300 scheduled events the memory leak causes a buffer overflow and the unit will not...
As of today 3.7 is still not in the DTV data stream. Nobody has received it via satellite. My info is that they will not update all UTV's at one time because they don't want to overload customer service with calls from people that don't understand what happened.
I disagree that UTV is stable in any way. It has a huge memory leak. If you do not turn the unit off for a month or so it will not record properly due to this memory leak. It will tell you that it's recording, but it isn't. There are many documented problems with Windowz CE and all are inherent in UTV as a result.
Let's keep in mind that this is a Microsoft product! Microsoft has never released any product of any kind that wasn't full of bugs. 3.7 will be buggy. 3.5 is buggy. The Windowz CE OS it's based on is buggy.
If it has 282 segments then it's 3.5 and not 3.7. I've been told that 3.7 is not yet in the data stream.
I just got finished checking the Locks and Limits section again. Nothing set. I do know the password and have to use it when I get this "Extended Recording Locked" message. Oh well, I guess I'm stuck with it.
I run my RCA UTV unlocked... no limits set on anything. When I try and record long events (like sporting events) and then try to play them back the unit says "Extended Recording Locked" and I have to put in my password. It's just annoying to have to enter the password, and after that all works fine, but I wonder if anyone knows how to get rid of that problem. Thanks! PS This has been going on for some time and I though 3.7 might fix it, but I'm tired of waiting...
UTV records the DTV data stream and the playback is the same quality as the live DTV data stream. The DirecTivo does the same thing. A stand alone Tivo records the analog output of the DTV receiver and is not as good as the UTV or DirecTivo even on its highest quality setting. The UTV and DirecTivo are true digital pvr's. Tivo is not.
whsbuss, that is the same question I asked DTV. They sent me several replies, but none really answered the question. I did find out a few things. First, Microsoft and DirecTV have a contract for the UTV service that runs out in late 2004. The service will be available until then I was told. They also told me that the UTV project is dead and no further development, or products are planned. I suggest that others send a complaint to DTV about the price of the service....
When I talked to a supervisor at UTV last week I was told that Microsoft has abandoned the UTV project and it was transferred to the MSN/WebTV unit (she said WebTV is being abandoned as well). No new hardware is planned. Microsoft is going to keep up with necessary software changes under their contract with DirecTV, but that is about all that will happen.
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