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I turned on my RCA UTV unit today and see the following message: "Your satellite receiver is being updated automatically. This will take about 104 minutes and then you can use MSN TV again. Receiving part 22 of 282" Any idea what this update is?
First off I want to thank everyone for their responses! I wen't to Best Buy and they had a Sony DTV/Tivo combo on display. I played with it for a while and have decided against it for now. Two reasons: First, the DTV/Tivo is SLOW! You can scroll thru the menu faster, but to change channels takes at least twice as long as UTV. I don't like how long UTV takes and couldn't put up with the Tivo unit. I wonder why it's so slow? Secondly, the Tivo unit still has to...
OK folks, just found this forum. I have a RCA UTV unit (stock), but I hate paying DTV $10 per month for the service. I don't use any of the web features, just the recorder. I see DTV/Tivo combo units on eBay that claim to have a lifetime subscription included. No monthly charge. What is the advantage to me to stay with UTV? Is there any way to get around the $10 monthly charge? Anybody know how the Tivo unit compares to UTV? Thanks, Joe
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