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Just finished installing my Invisa 525s. Now to let them get baked in so I can tune them and my Triton Twos and 50C. The Invisa's had excellent construction, very solidly built product.
Thanks Sandy! I will make sure that my dealer, ListenUp! in Denver, has them on order for me.
Any word on when the Invisa 525 will be released? I need them to finish my system.
I noticed it for the first time tonight during the opening credits of Wrath of Khan. When there would be a name on screen the blackness of space wasn't so black, but when the name was off the screen it looked great.
I had a bunch of BB credits and gift cards so I went down and purchased this. Man they really need to update their software. I'm installing 32-bit Windows 7 right now in a VM to get around the poor Lion support.
How long did it take between your photo getting there and the charge?
I cannot wait to get my NX720, seems like since I sent in my paperwork the green blob has doubled in size on my XBR2.
My personal favorite movie of 2011. No brainer here.
My 60NX720 is finally on the way! It's to replace my 60XBR2 SXRD unit.
Finally got my offer from Sony for the 60nx720. Going to file the paperwork this week. Happy to hear people are enjoying their sets.
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