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Fantastic.D-nice calibrated an old Samsung LED for me years ago and PQ still is amazing.Cant wait to read what he has to say on the OLED.
Forget all this, hopefully a device like the Oculus Rift will take us where we are all trying to get to-total sound and video immersion.
Very true just in the way a professionally calibrated screen looks to most people.After mine was done i was underwhelmed by what i was seeing but i stayed with my cal-night setting on my LED and today i cant look at an uncalibrated screen because it looks fake and much too bright.
My own experience was to begin rising up the settings options from 35 HD at the beginning to my present setting of Game at 53 and this I have been with and loving for over a year.I guess living with something for a while makes you feel more comfortable about taking some chances.
Its not,pure is.
In my new Yamaha 673 I noticed in the onscreen information on audio of the input bitstream signal its dialogue level seems to change from dvd to dvd.Some films have the dialogue level at +4,others at +3,some at 0 and Ive run into a few at -1.Is this determined by the receiver itself or is it simply inherent in the dvd content?It just seems odd that no one standard exists and i find +4 is best for clear center channel audio but with a 0 or-1 I have to use the dialogue...
Way to go Best Buy.I remember when i saw my first Pioneer plasma in their store for 10 grand.i visited it at least once a month just to look at it because it was breathtaking.Cant believe they would mess up the first appearance of a new technology that many have been waiting years to see.
Oled just hit the Best Buy weekly flyer for first time in Ma as part of magnolia area of store.Cant wait to get a first hand look at this display in person since its been nothing but viewing pictures and videos for me and now its finally on display.Hope Best Buy has a good setup but that might be asking too much.
Well economically it makes sense as brothers get older and hopefully get over trying to beat the crap out of each other on stage, but i must admit that was part of their allure.
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