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It is the least we can do for all the help and instruction you have given out over the years.
For 12" or less very accurate lines I use this which I learned about from Sir PassingInterests many informative build threads: http://www.amazon.com/Incra-T-RULE12-12-Inch-Precision-Marking/dp/B00004TRBX/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1397668352&sr=8-2&keywords=incra+precision+t-ruleIt is a little pricey but I use it all the time and it's an great tool to have around the shop.If you're new to woodworking you should really take some time to look through Sir Passinginterest's builds...
I forgot he was Knighted Sir PI a few years ago, The Duke of Woodworkology I deserve a public lashing in the town square for not referring to him properly, please accept my humble apologies Sir PI
PI builds are always my favorite to follow. The woodworking king? YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
Outstanding build! With the ports on the bottom how high off the floor do they need to be so they don't affect tuning? How much bigger is the cabinet volume compared the recommended 2cuft tempest and does it require a different crossover? One last thing, you have crazy skills
Good guy Erich indeed! It's great to hear stories like this, thank you for sharing Bill.
You're right about the output vs value ratio, it just depends on needs I guess. For a music only system I think the Fathom is the best choice from a commercial sub maker, for movies there are better choices if you like realistic loud/low levels. I have another friend with quad LMS Ultra's and after hearing them my friend with the dual Submersives said there is a SQ difference. He compared graphs and got them to look exactly the same but even then it is just a different...
The Fathom F113 was much better SQ wise than any other commercial subwoofer I have ever owned, only beat by the DIY TC Sounds LMS Ultra sealed. The F113 bested the Revel Sub15, Vandersteen 2Wq, Bag End Infrasub 18, Various HSU and SVS subs, Velodyne HGS-18 with SMS-1 and about 20 other well known commercial subs. What differentiates the Fathom from every other sub is the pitch articulation and accuracy which makes you hear things in bass lines you have never heard before,...
I heard about a heist at a Home Depot in the OC but didn't expect Will to be the culprit That is one heck of a score, I have always wanted one!
Duratex is great to work with, it just takes a little patience to get the final coat even. As far as driver break-in from what I remember it is more beneficial to do it in horn builds like the BFM's than it is in a sealed or ported build before installation. You might try just running the sub lightly free air to listen for any odd noises like the VC rubbing or any defects which might show up before installing the driver. Sometimes the VC is not aligned or a renegade dab...
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