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I have a Harmony with RF blaster in one of my set-ups and it works reasonably well. I did set-up the original 972 remote to work in that system via RF but did not know you could set-up the Harmony to do the same thing. The RF function of the main remote stinks so I took it back to normal IR and just have the RF blaster sending my commands with the Harmony. Every once in awhile it does not pick up a command from the RF blaster but it is not that bad.
Healthnut's Quasar Array is missing from this list: http://www.avsforum.com/t/1175273/the-quasar-array-8-lms-5400-in-4-dual-opposed-sealed-cabinets 8 LMS Ultra's driven by genuine LG's has gotta make the cut.
For a daily receiver you might be better off with the Onkyo, too many quirks with the 972.As already mentioned the Onkyo 818 has XT32 but not SubEQ so it will not set levels and delay separately for 2 subs. It's not that big of a deal though IMO and your subs should be fine with the 818.
You must have fest like a kid on Christmas morning opening up that box
Just make sure you browse through this thread at all the quirks the R972 has. This is something a lot of people can't get over so you have to determine for yourself if they are things you can live with.
I replaced a Onkyo PR-SC5508 and also a Onkyo 3008, both of which have Audyssey XT32 with SubEQ with a pair of R-972's and it was an upgrade. XT32 did a better job for me on bass EQ though so if you need the extra processing on the SMS-1 then you might still need it with Trinnov. For music I actually prefer the Onkyo's but for movies and TV the 3D spatial remapping has me hooked like a halibut. As far as weight is concerned don't they list it in the specs? The Onkyo 3008...
The price has gone up but now the shipping is free, you had to pay separate shipping charges before. Still a great deal though.
For $400 and you have to buy a bulb before you know it works I would pass and get a new PJ. Maybe if the guy was willing to buy the bulb and show you it works fine then maybe $600 total but I personally would not spend that much.
My rack is about 15.75" deep so the 972 sticks out on the front and back but the feet are solidly on the rack.
You can get the zip file right here: http://www.hometheatershack.com/forums/home-theater-receivers-processors-amps/55399-sherwood-newcastle-r-972-official-thread-7.html#post501981 The instructions are not correct though, don't do a factory reset, just turn the receiver off then on again.
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