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Here is the only place I know but don't follow the instructions to do a factory reset after, that part is not necessary.http://www.hometheatershack.com/forums/home-theater-receivers-processors-amps/55399-sherwood-newcastle-r-972-official-thread-7.html#post501981It can also take a few attempts for the boost file to take, I always confirm the bass boost with my Velodyne SMS-1 but you can also do it by listening to a bass scene before and after, the 6db boost is very noticeable.
That stuff is so good it should be in everyone's tool box. It works great for repairing a stripped screw hole in both MDF and plywood, had my fair share over the years. So many uses and a little goes a long way, I even reshaped a corner in MDF that got crushed when the cabinet fell, could not even tell after it was sanded and painted.
Here is my list. Good luck everyone. A link just in case: http://www.avsforum.com/lists/display/view/id/30730
The garage right under the room can get pretty insane but so far I have not been able to do any significant damage I know you are disappointed in me but not more than I disappoint my-self I think it is because it is the second story that the house acts like a shock absorber. In one house the system was on the first floor with a slab and I had neighbors in the back up a 30 foot hill. One Halloween I was tasked to give out candy and a lady that came to our door with her...
That's the best card ever! I liked all the details and had me LOL. Happy Birthday!
I am not even going to try and guess on a timeline, too many subs must have scrambled my brains Here is a list of subwoofers I have owned: Klipsch SW-12 II (pretty sure this was my first HT subwoofer bought used) Velodyne HGS-18 HSU TN-1225 (pair) Vandersteen 2Wq NHT SubTwo pair NHT 12" sealed sub (forgot the model) NHT dual opposed 12" sub pair (I think W1) NHT Evolution U2 sealed 12" sub pair Dual Bag End Infrasub 18 Triad Platinum 18 Chiro C-150 THX sub M&K THX sub...
I agree 100% with what you just said. It really was a "I can't believe it made that much of a difference" moment and I even stood up to see how much the drivers were actually moving. That was also the moment I thought "Damn, I wish I would have just kept my dual LMS Ultra's and added another pair"
It still stumps me why it didn't work in your room and why your subs sounded so bad is even more baffling. You know how my subs sound in my room and I really have never had any ill effects with Trinnov in regards to the bass.I am another big time proponent of Trinnov, replaced a Onkyo 5508 and had a Marantz AV7005 and Denon 4311 before that and 972 trumps them all in my system. I even picked up a second 972 for the living room system that replaced a Onkyo 3008. As Bhazard...
That sucks on the damaged subs! First thing Fed-Ex will do is deny the claim, that's what they all do and hope you just go away. You have to keep on them and also contact the packaging company and tear them a new one. Damage claims are horrible but just keep on them and you should eventually get reimbursed. Also look into possibly buying the SubM back at a discount. I had UPS play brown truck soccer with a Velodyne HGS-18 a long time ago and they covered the claim and I...
Let me guess, the police I just had to pop my ears as the pressure your system will generate is too intense even from all the way over here!
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