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If your going sealed then stick with the 5400, the 5100 really performs best ported. I have some of TC replacement tops for the Aura 1808 which I am told that 2 equals a single 5100 as far as output is concerned, that's why I have 4. I tried them sealed in both single 4 cuft and dual opposed in a 8 cuft and they are great but ported they are a beast in both slot port and with PR's. I sold my LMS Ultra pair because I wanted more so I thought a different direction was in...
If your looking for a quick way to add some "Chest Thump" you might want to consider a HSU Mid-bass module: http://www.hsuresearch.com/products/mbm-12mk2.htmlAs others have noted the chest thumping bass is most noticeable in the 50hz on up range. You can get that bass with high efficiency pro style speakers as well but the quick fix it looks like your going for is with the HSU MBM.
Thick walled construction comes in beneficial when you need mass to keep the enclosures from moving with really high Xmax drivers like the LMS Ultra and RE XXX 18". Both of these drivers can push around a lighter box, you really need a heavy box and good feet to keep them in the same place. The exception of course is to do a dual opposed sealed, use the drivers force to keep the enclosure in place.
I owned both the Dayton HO 18 and SI 18's. The Daytons are a little more SQ oriented so I tended to lean more towards them with music. The SI's are better suited for movies IMHO and are harder to bottom so they can take more abuse in a movie system. I really like both and would say if music is your top priority then go Dayton, movies go with the SI's but there pretty close.
I am glad all your research and hard work on this killer system resulted in the Home Theater of the Month! Congrats, well deserved. To those facepalmers out there who don't think this is "High End" you really should experience a system like this before you judge, you are making ignorant comments.
Just about every commercial sub has limiters on it, they have to protect there products from consumers who think reference is just a starting point
If your happy with your PB12-NSD then that's all the matters. The truth is most commercial subs are not capable of ULF to do the F-ing Irene Scene justice. DIY subs with multiple high excursion drivers and a careful tailored DSP is were you can really feel the ULF content.
Very nice Beast and thanks for the info.
Which Danley's did you get and how do the SEOS compare? I have been swamped lately so have not been keeping up around here, any threads were you talk about the Danley's and how they compare?
The RE XXX 18 is a monster, here is the pic to prove it next to Dayton RS 18" and Maelstrom-X 18" on either side of the King:The reports of needing big power are true, it would help if you lived next to a nuclear power plant The XXX lives in low bass land but don't expect too much mid-bass, better have big mains to provide that. The LMS Ultra may be a better all around choice unless your willing to go whole hog with the XXX. If you have space then multiple SI or Dayton RS...
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