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got part of my answer hooked up old 2x8 multiswitch and got signal. so bad multiswitch.
I am getting Searching for signal on all receivers. i have a 3 LNB dish w/ a 4x8 multiswitch. I think the problem maybe either the multiswitch or a bad LNB. In either case from what you post above a new 3 LNB would solve the problem right?? My question is did you just swap out the LNB or is it a completely different Dish?? and are there any retail stores that sell just the LNB's or dishes??
Noticed a price decline and number of units being listed for sale. Anybody hear anything I don't know about???
Thanks again for all the support and suggestions.
Thank you for your responses.I will try and elaborate.The unit works fine 95% of the time.About once or twice a week at random times the unit attempts to dial out and update while it is attempting to do that no shows will record. I have to unplug receiver to reset ,when the system resets all is fine old shows are still there,and everything is as it was.(by the way this is with no phone line connected) I thought I could fix it by plugging phone line in and updating.(The...
I have a Utv unit running 3.7 version, I do not have phoneline plugged in. Here is my problem the unit at the most random times tries to call out and update. I tried plugging the phone line in and acquiring update the system said it took the update however i still have same problem. Tonight I missed recording Boston Legal,SUV,Unit..How can I stop unit from trying todial out and update??? I thought 3.7 was the latest update.PLEASE HELP
with all due respect to your over 2000 posts,that is probably why you are "Happy and Broke".While it is not fair the squeaky wheel gets the grease.
I am getting installation this week with an OTA .I forgot to ask if the basic install includes installation of the OTA does anyone know??
I think that DTIVO blows UTV away!!!!! I think that everyone should switch to DTIVO and discard their UTV units RIGHT away.In fact I will volunteer my services in getting rid of those old outdated UTV units just send them to me and I will gladly handle their disposal for you.Please pm me if you need my assistance.
hands down winner UTV. I bought my first DTIvO had it for 1 week it will be for sale next week.
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