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The level of base shakers should be set to 10db less than your other speakers
I use the same amp for my bass shakers; they are installed in a sofa and a love seat and they shake just fine (2 shakers for each). Did you properly adjust the output level on the amp?
You need to make sure you adjust the levels properly so they seem "realistic". I have the AuroPro Bass Shakers and this is what I did: - split the LFE out of my amp, one segment goes to my powered subwoofer, the other to another amp that powers my bass shakers - kept the amp to the bass shakers off and with the subwoofer active, tuned the room as usual (@75db) - turned off the subwoofer and turned on the amp to the bass shakers; tuned the level on the bass shaker amp...
Sounds like a "typical" electrician; they can run the wires and hook it up but can't program worth a hoot. We typically plan the system out and let the electrician do all of the HV work. We then come in behind and do the LV runs and the programming. We run point on all lighting issues; if we find figure out that it s a HV problem, we are the ones that call in the electrician; client only has to deal with us.
TrippLite makes a good rack mount UPS.
Nice...I'll give it a try later.
If you wire your sprinklers into your system, make sure you account for surge protection. Several years ago, lightning hit a tree in my neighbor's yard and struck one of my sprinkler valves. This in turn took out an entire set of LV relays (along with a bunch of other stuff). Since then I have installed inline surge protection to all of my sprinkler valves.
Xantech makes an IR injector that can piggy back an IR signal onto a coax run; either that or go RF.
Check out the stuff from Xantech.
Take a look at Xantech's "Hidden Link" IR receiver. Couple that with an IR extender along with the "stick on" emitters. HTH
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