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Hi Mark, Good to hear your lens with similar markings works fine. I thought a replacement lens would cost a lot of money. I was thinking 100's, their huge. Probably Ten years ago they were expensive. It won't be a problem if one has to be replaced. Garyfritz, Finally got around to cleaning outside lens. Wow! were they a dirty. wish i would have taken a picture. I used lots CalClear lens cleaner and really wet lens cleaner pads. I practically hosed it down. Went through...
Ya that's true. Will worry about that later.
OH ..Thats not bad for a lens. So your saying i definietly need one.? Will send CLM. Ya that battery looks shot to me its oozing out green stuff. edit Post office closed now. Tomorrow moving daughter back to college. Will send out next week sometime.
Forgot to say i reseated the LVPS...no Joy there. The only fans running are the two on LVPS. I tried pushing in reset button on the back once. Held it in and the Bigger fan kicked on underneath somewhere. Thats the only thing that happaned.
Looks like i've done everything i can on this. A few more things though. When i found this pj one of the lens covers were off. The Blue one, would it be possible for the sun to cause damage to the lens? I'll post pic, looks like inside lens has some of its coating coming off. This is the blue lens the others look fine. The tube looks fine also. If i need a lens, LVPS and Control board, What would the price of those be. PM me if you can. Guess even a free/found projector...
Took off both wires. IR sensor and Wired remote. Plugged in PJ No lights in back. Just a click noise on first plugging in and then the fans for the LVPS come on. Thanks for the Help!
Thanks Everyone for your help and comments. Set up both remotes for wired and wireless operation. Tried switching the JP1 between a and b on both remotes. That didn't work. Spent 3 Hours pulling every board and cleaning contacts and checking that nothing was bent. Checked every board closely for any loose solder connections or burnt components. They all looked amazingly clean. Far cleaner than my computer. This pj must have been in a very clean environment or just not...
Here's the story... At work (Railroad) Myself and two Buds were driving along side the track. Its a dirt road that follows along the track. Behind one of those businesses where you rent garages or space to store stuff someone had thrown out a projector. First one i've ever seen. We stopped to take a look at it and It looked pretty good. Cracked cover, had the lens covers on though, lying next to it was a remote. My friends had been by that area 5 days before and they...
Circuit City HD-A20 for $112.47 in the chicago area. Maybe others areas? http://www.tgdaily.com/content/view/35995/97/
I bought one of the 98 buck toshiba players. Sent in the rebate immediately. Recieved my five free dvd's today
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