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That looks pretty good. Thanks for the link
Agree with you completely, except i believe its more than a 2 billion dollar blunder. The ps3 is still being subsidized. The Blu ray discs are still being subidzed. Right now Toshiba is probably talking to Disney. And Disney is probably talking to sony trying to get some of that cash sony is throwing around. Maybe Paramount and Universal. This isn't over yet, Sony has a lot of bleeding to do yet.
Now that's a scary thought. It wouldn't surprise me either. I don't think HD media will ever replace DVD. Walmart has been selling lots of HD televisions lately and will in the future. Trouble is most of them are small. Lets say 32" and under. Why would someone with a television that small even need HD media. Probably no surround sound system or at least not a very good one. Why would they need lossless audio? Looking at the blu ray tier thread there's a lot of titles that...
NameChamps ya better run the Blu boys will be here any second.
There's a lot of quality in downloads "today". Much better than the DVD's everyones been watching. That's plenty good for most people. How many people do you think own uber sound systems that can take advantage of lossless audio. Most people are buying or own 32 inch lcd 720P televisions. What do they need 1080p for? Look at the Tier thread in the blu ray software forum. There's a lot of movies there that have been put out on blu ray that are only as good as dvd or only...
Resident Evil 720p Xvid Audio AC3/DD 4,700 MB 3:10 To Yuma 720p WMB Audio AC3/DD 8,300 MB Casino Royale 1080p x264 Audio dts, AC3/DD 13,000 MB
Its a long ways from over. Sony has only begun to bleed. If Warner and fox can divide up 500 million to go blu, what are they going to have to pay Disney to stay blu. How much will it cost to get Paramount back. How much to turn Universal. They've all seen the cash sony is throwing around i'm sure they'd like some of it. Toshiba has plenty of money also. They were in the bidding for warner, maybe they now go to disney and try to make a deal. War over? I don't think so.
I'd recommend this. Samsung 53H http://www.amazon.com/Samsung-LNT325...9709161&sr=1-1 Me and my wife have one in our kitchen. Purchased last winter. I've had no problems with it. Samsung makes their own panels and Sony buys them to use in their tv's. Here's the forum thread related to this tv. Its not without problems but i haven't seen a tv yet that someone doesn't find something to b&#&% about. http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=828105 Just buy it...
40 million to Disney at start of format war. 500 million to Warner How much to Fox? How much for subsidized discs? How much did it cost to subsidize the ps3. Sony is going to want to cash in now. Guess who's pocket their going to get the money out of. Not mine
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