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What is the problem with setting it? If your trying to set contrast., you have to turn "als" to off. Got you pm but there was nothing on that about a "problem". maybe thats your problem?
Now i've got 5 posts in. http://www.***************.com/htsth...b=5&o=&fpart=1
You DVD's and HDTV are already filmed in widescreen. No need to stretch. I tried to post a link for you explaining this..but you can't post links if you made less than five posts. Go to .. hometheatrespot.com and find the Toshiba area. Then click on the thread that says...FAQ: Why are my DVDs letterboxed in 16:9 mode?
I purchased a similar rptv about a year and a half ago. A Toshiba 42h81. I've had zero problems with it. Even now i'm amazed sometimes how good a particular scene in a movie or show looks. For all regular sd televsion i use the Theater 1 stretch mode. Toshiba does a really good job with their stretch modes. Just 2 days ago i finally got around to doing the 56 point convergence. It really was off just a little on the sides. You'll have to wait a while to do that....
Yes i also meant to say DVI/HDCP. Not really worried about it just curious about what toshiba has in mind about "dvi upgradable" It will probably be a few years before i run into something where i'd absolutely have to have it....maybe never. The answer i received from my E-mail was..." Unfortunately, we do not have information on the DVI upgrade at this time. I apologize for the inconvenience. \\
1000 bucks?!!!!!!!!! It'll take 990 dollars to ship it back to Korea so that means its only a $10 dollar fix..great! Sent e-mail to Toshiba, eagerly awaiting their reply.
A few months ago i purchased a Toshiba 42h81 and like the 50h82 it has no dvi input. The owners manual says its "dvi upgradeable". How hard would that be to do, and how costly?
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