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Call of Duty 3 FPS Resistance: Fall of Man FPS MotorStorm Racing Sonic the Hedgehog Action Fatal Inertia Racing Tony Hawk's Project 8 Action Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom Bladestorm: Hundred Years War Action Full Auto 2: Battlelines Racing Madden NFL 07 Sport Genji: Days of the Blade Action/Adventure Need for Speed Carbon Racing NBA Live 07 Sport Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion RPG Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII...
Looking at the player from AVDiscounters it says 90 day manufacturers warranty. AVDiscounters gives you a 30 day warranty. Isn't the 90 day warranty only good if sold by an authorized dealer? http://www.pricegrabber.com/user_sal...lot_id=3661939
Quote: Originally Posted by amirm Well, I encourage you to check out Tokyo Drift on HD DVD. You just might change your mind once you see what HD DVD interactivity can do. Studios are nicely climbing the learning curve here, advancing auxilary content like this. Didn't i read something about designing your own car and then it would appear in different parts of the actual movie? Maybe i was dreaming..
Someone posted that it'll be out the end of October. Last shipment for the HDA1 is the end of Sept.
Quote: Originally Posted by Enigma Looks like those Hexus Lifestyle guys didn't believe Jim Armour. They apparently did their own impromptu testing. http://lifestyle.hexus.net/content/i...em=6639&page=2 The Toshiba engineer was talking about warped discs hitting the lens. Not about bumping the player or holding it upside down etc. HEXUS.lifestyle: But in just raw data storage, Blu-ray is going to be better as it holds more data. Jim...
Denon http://www.pocket-lint.co.uk/news.php?newsId=4591 IFA 2006: Denon shun Blu-ray and HD DVD with two new DVD players Posted by Stuart Miles 03 September 2006 - Denon has launched two new DVD players at IFA 2006 in Germany this year that promise to upscale your current DVD collection to a quality equal or better than the next generation Blu-ray or HD DVD efforts. Keen to stay out of the format war that is currently being battled out by Toshiba and Sony,...
Double sided, Triple layer 90GB HD-DVD Rom :eek:
Quote: Originally Posted by jmpage2 Noone seems to have picked up on Lite-on not shipping the Xbox 360 HD-DVD drives until next year. If they are the only suppliers then the Xbox faithful are screwed for HD goodness this fall. :( Sounds to me like Toshiba will be making the HD-DVD add on. Later on Lite-on will be helping them. http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/13869
Quote: Originally Posted by fire407 I bought the RCA at Walmart, and I'm really glad that I did. It has the RS232 port that the A1 doesn't have, and it has a better remote than the Toshiba. Same price, so the RCA seems like a better value. I agree with you completely. I just like the black better :)
Only difference is the color. My Daughter is working at Walmart for the summer and gets 10% off of whatever she buys there. Been waiting for them to get them in. Thanks for the heads up! I wonder if she can use her discount on an online order though? Maybe they'll get them at the store she works at. Right now they have the RCA but i'd rather have the black Toshiba.
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