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bump. Could this have anything to do with 24Hz playback?
Is there a recent firmware upgrade that could affect TrueHD playback? I have an issue with some 3D TrueHD audio playback: http://www.avsforum.com/t/1503468/audio-skipping-with-powerdvd-11-for-truehd-audio
Currently, my audio is skipping when playing back TrueHD audio with PowerDVD 11. I am pretty sure that I didn't use to have this problem. At first I thought it is related to 3D playback. But, as it turns out I have the same issue when playing back in 2D. The problem goes away when playing back in 5.1. I am doing bitstreaming form my ATI card to the receiver. I can see on the receiver, that the receiver thinks it lost the audio signal for a short moment. Sometimes, the...
I have a Xbox 360 that I am using only as a media extender for Win7 MediaCenter. Was curious if a xbox gets any updates. I have no live account as I have no need for it. So, I tried both the USB stick and CD update method. Both did not work. An update possibility was not even indicated when starting up the xbox. Is there something that I am doing wrong? Is an update even useful when the xbox is used a media extender only?
What 3D IR glasses are regarded as the best? So far I have used the original ones that came with my VPL-HW30 (TDG-BR250 ?) and PlayStation model. Can't say much about image difference. However, there is a big difference in IR sensitivity. The Playstation model syncs always with the transmitter in the back. Not so the original glasses.
BTW. What 3d IR glasses are regarded to be the best with the Sony projector? I have the two original glasses and got one of the PS3 glasses so far.
I found this: http://www.thegreenbutton.tv/forums/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=6075 It seemed to help. Will see how it progresses.
I need to check again. But what I recall is that there was nothing in the history. No log (no failed/deleted/recorded). All are series recordings. I have not tried yet 'time and channel' recordings .
I have been running MediaCenter with Ceton tuner for a long time without any issues. For the last week MediaCenter stopped recording without any errors anywhere (logs,...). Programs show up for recording under scheduled and with the red dot(s) in the guide. It just doesn't record with some exceptions. The PC is up-to-date and I have tried the usual (e.g. reboot,..)
I noticed that the VPL-HW50 comes with the TMR-PJ2 3D IR transmitter. Based on the manual, this transmitter can be installed by the projector and works through bouncing off IR off the screen. Did anybody experience any issues mounting the transmitter by the projector? The reason for my question: I am a VPL-HW30 owner. This projector came with the TMR-PJ1 transmitter that really only works when mounted in the front of the room. Considering changing the transmitter.
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