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Thanks for the suggestion.. Tried these steps, but it didn't help. I don't think it is a handshake issue since it only happens with Amazon streaming through the Roku and not other sources like Netflix or Hulu, and only with 5.1 channel audio programs with 5.1 channel audio enabled in the Roku 2. I would be interested to know if anyone has the Roku 2 set to 5.1 channel audio, is outputting through a Denon 1913 receiver and is streaming 5.1 channel content from Amazon...
Intersting.. just tried hooking up a 1st generation Roku up, and it works perfectly.. seems to be just a problem on the Roku 2 XS.
Hello everyone, I'm hoping someone here might have some idea what is going wrong with my setup. I have a Roku 2 XS with Amazon Streaming (and Netflix, Hulu, etc). I have the Roku 2 XS going into an HDMI input on my Denon AVR-1913 A/V receiver. Everything works great, except that if I try to watch a 5.1 channel movie, the screen immediately goes to a strong green look. It apppears to me that I am losing all of my blues. What I have determined is that if I set the...
Hey Topr.. If I hook up something to it directly it will work, but I've tried 3 different brands of HDMI Extenders which all work fine with other TVs, just not this one. This one just seems to be very strict about what it will accept, has to be exactly perfect signal or it doesn't work.
I should have said, "I'm using an HDMI over Ethernet extender".
Hello, I have a SunBrite HDTV (waterproof TV) which I have in my bathroom. The problem I have is that the HDMI tuner seems to be really bad in the TV. I am using an Ethernet to HDMI extender over CAT6 cable to get the signal to the bathroom from about 75 feet away, which should be no problem length wise. What I get, though, is that the TV usually just says, "No Signal", and if it does lock onto the signal, it has dropouts and will sometimes it will just loose it...
I have found a ViewSonic television model N1630W which looks like it will do the job. It is a 16" 16x9 tv with dimensions of 14.8"x10"x2.6" (wxhxd). Does anyone know of a television similar to this which is made by one of the major TV manufacturers (as opposed to a mainly computer monitor manufacturer like this one?) Thanks. Sean Dudley
Hi, I just purchased a Searay Sundancer boat and it came with an LCD tv in it, but it's a standard def 4x3 TV. I would like to change it to a 16x9 HDTV, but it has to be a small tv. The width is the real obstacle.. the tv can't be over 16.75 inches wide. Does anyone know of a 16x9 LCD HDTV which would work for me? Thanks. Sean Dudley
I received my 5 discs about 10 days ago. I sent in the form on November 6th. Sean
I just ordered an A3 off of Amazon for $117.36 delivered (with Amazone Prime). Seems like a pretty good deal.
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