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So verifying that the audio file is a 1:1 copy is easy to do, but playing it back using different media players can affect the sound quality. I've heard people claim that just ripping the files to their hard drives alters the sound quality of the music. Die-hard audiophiles claim this.
My bad. I found the videos while browsing Youtube.
Hi guys, Found this video and thought I should share it : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=raAyF5ksbkk It's long, but I found it very informative.
Who cares? You don't even bother answering my PMs. It is South Africa, not Zanzibar.
I wanted to know if the citations made in my initial opening post were at all valid. It appears not. I did not expect this discussion to drag on to 12 pages, but any discussion on this is appreciated, so don't stop on my account.At least I offered some excellent entertainment via AVforums.
So did any of you muster the courage to read all 15 pages of the thread?
But blind tests reach absurd conclusions .... therefore, the methodology is absurd! I think that is the lesson that Robert tried to convey in his prejudiced report against blind testing. A faulty premise leading to a false conclusion = popcorn.
http://www.avforums.co.za/index.php/topic,31113.0.html Enjoy.
I'm talking about on the local forum.
Opponents of DBT testing will probably claim that the methodology is designed to result in negative outcomes. I think Robert Harley believes that DBTs are rigged and are therefore destined to result in false results.
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