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I use the US Netflix and pay with a Canadian credit card. They won't accept Paypal if it's linked to a Canadian address.
I've found the RF distance is much worst then my old 890 but up until now I still managed with the 900 but that was until yesterday. Now I keep getting the "update your blaster" messages and nothing works until I do this and then the remote will work for about 5min and I'll get the message again. This happened about 10 times yesterday and I just gave up. Anyone else ever have this problem?
Thanks for the heads up, I'll keep a look out in case they bring them back esp. now that they seem to be moving the patio sets out and bringing furniture back in
Yep that's MJ's arcade
I hope these show up at Costco's in Canada (but I doubt it) as I would love to pick a couple up as overflow chairs
Damn, looks like I'll have to wait until the next PB (hopefully there's another one) as I won't be ready until closer to the end of April
Thanks for the pic Roman, looks like I'll be leaning towards the 12003's now
Thanks Roman and heebdawg16 heebdawg16, when your seats arrive can you post up a pic of the chairs with the table attached? Thanks
Does anyone have pice of these tray tables? It's the first I've heard of this
Would Costco even do that? I would think not (if they did I would call the warehouse in Vermont and hold them until I could get there from Canada tomorrow)
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