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I'm now noticing this on all speeds also. Time for us to call Cox and complain. Let me guess, "No one else has ever reported this problem."
In the last couple of weeks I've noticed that when I FF at the highest rate the box will start and stop rather than holding a consistent speed like it use to. FF speed 1 and 2 are OK. Anyone else notice this or is it just my box acting up? I'm suspicious because of the recent firmware update.
In calibrating my TV using a meter, even Warm2 isn't red enough to get to 6500K. My red gain setting is boosted significantly. After setting your TV to Warm2 are you leaving it at that setting for a week or more or are you just switching back and forth? Your eyes need time to adjust to a proper 6500K display. It's possible that after you get use to Warm2, going back will look too garish. The reason store settings on TV's are extremely blue is because they make the picture...
Yes, this has been seen by at least two other people, me being one of them. Please look at this discussion on the calibration thread between me and TDX: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...=#post18383430 I saw it using my cable box, I haven't tried to reproduce it on my PS3. I fixed it on mine by lowering the brightness setting to where it needs to be according to the calibration disk, 45-47 so I consider it a non-issue for me.
Sorry, I'm not totally clear on your question but I owned a LG LH90 (for a couple of weeks) and now own the 8500. The LG isn't even close to the Samsung in any measure. Sharpness, clarity, lack of halo's, motion handling, color, etc. etc. etc. I only owned the LG for a couple of weeks because I found the picture, even after a full instrumented calibration, inadequate. Let me avoid subtlety, I was ready to return the LG after one day, if you try to take my 8500 from me you...
I reported here several weeks ago that the LED Motion plus feature of my 8500 wasn't working correctly (see photo). A couple of other owners also chimed in and said they were seeing the same problem on theirs. I contacted Samsung and they sent a field engineer to my house to look at the problem. They drove up from the factory in Mexico to my house! Unfortunately it didn't turn out to be a firmware problem which would have made it an easy fix for everyone else that...
I think the capacitor issue was with power supplies. I haven't seen anyone here complain about there power supply failing in their TV.
The brightness control is more accurately called the black level control. It is used to adjust whether or not your blacks are black (if set correctly) or gray (if set too high). The backlight adjusts how much light energy shines through the LCD pixels and adjusts how much light comes out of the LCD panel, measured in foot lamberts (ftL). The "recommended" setting for a calibrated TV is 40ftL. Personally I find this too low and adjust my 8500 to about 50ftL using a meter. I...
Here's a welcome change I see, before I had a green bar on the right side of my screen and a vertical "tear" along the left side if the box was in 1080i mode and my TV was in "screen fit" mode. This is now gone so I don't have to zoom my picture out to 16X9. I can now do a 1 to 1 pixel display (zero overscan). I'm happy.
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