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Oh no, not another term we have to use! First we had flashlighting and clouding. Then we discovered blooming and halos. Now waterfalls???
From Netflix view there are lots of last year's TVs out there and no this year's TVs out there. If I'm Netflix, I'm way more interested in TVs that are in peoples homes, not TVs that are in Samsung warehouses. Dongle? What dongle? The Samsung wireless network USB dongle? Don't throw it away, I'll buy it from you.
I have to admit it, for a few seconds there I was thinking, "Oh yeah, Viagra does that doesn't it." Then I realized that it was totally ridiculous, obviously anyone taking that much Viagra would never have time to watch TV.
Don't curse out the Samsung people, they've always been very nice to me when I've called. Just to put this in perspective, when I tried to adjust grayscale in normal mode I had to put red gain at 50 and blue gain at 0 and the grayscale was STILL measuring too much blue in the picture. That's what you're fighting against in game mode by not being allowed to use any of the warm settings. So don't be afraid to crank red up and blue down, by a lot. To fix this you need to go...
I played around with my set last night to see if I could recreate the problem of the sides being lighter than the center. All I needed to do was boost the brightness from my calibrated setting of 47 to anything over 55. So it looks like this is the normal behavior with this TV. However for me 47 is the correct setting and this problem disappears when brightness is that low. YMMV.
If you can't get rid of a blue tinge using White Balance and Color Space controls, there's something wrong. I'm going to ask a really stupid question, please don't be offended. I assume this problem is with your HDMI? Have you tried a different HDMI cable? Does it do the same thing when you are viewing the internal tuner? Just had to ask.
I responde via e-mail but I'll also post part of the message here about this specific question. That's actually a pretty good looking grayscale chart. There are several things at work, at anything below 20IRE there is so little light coming out of the screen even the tiniest imbalance looks big. I've also read that most meters, including the Eye1, are not absolutely accurate down in that low level of a range. The other issue is that with Smart LED turned on, the TV is...
Non-Samsung wireless USB network sticks won't work, the TV checks.
Here's what I want to know. If you hit Mute, 1,8,2 in sequence you get into the service menu. If you hit Mute, 1, 8, 4 you can override your V-chip (page 26 of the owner's manual, make sure you hide the manual from the kids). Anyone willing to try 1,8,1 1,8,3 and 1,8,5 on their TV and let us know what happens? Maybe someone who is about to return theirs?
It's tough to answer without seeing the issue on your TV with our own eyes. As I said, mine does this but only in a single situation that I don't really care about. Are you only seeing this in 4X3 pictures and is your brightness and backlight set really high? Is Smart LED on or off? If you are seeing this with 16X9 pictures and your backlight is less than 6 and brightness is less than 60, I would say something isn't right with your TV. Trust me, edge lit TV's are much,...
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