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I went to the TWC office in the Queens Center Mall, with my malfunctioning 8300HD. THey gave me the 8300HDC. BTW, while waiting on line at TWC, a lot of people were given this new HDC box.
Here's ANOTHER thing I cannot do anymore with the 8300HDC: I used to be able to forward or rewind within a buffer, in 15 minute increments by hitting right-key on the remote when forwarding, or left-key when rewinding. This is no longer possible. Also, this software seems buggy. Twice now, something that was being DVR'ed records fine for first 20 minutes, then just records a black screen. The channnel seems to freeze. I have only had this DVR 4 days and 2 recordings have...
Yes, the 8300HDC box. "Trick Play" may be the wrong term. Here's what I meant. if there were 2 channels that I wanted to watch at the same time, I would set one tuner on one channel, and the other tuner to the other channel. When I finished watching one channel, I would go to other tuner and rewind to watch the show on the other channel. Point is, that since I cannot change tuners with new interface, I cannot do this "trick" anymore. I spoke to a CSR and he confirmed that...
I just got the new Navigator box. So far I am not happy. I can confirm that the "trick play" does not work anymore. I cannot swap between tuners anymore. The STB does not buffer the other tuner. I used this feature A LOT!! PIP still works, but only buffers the primary channel. Also, when setting up recordings, I cannot specify record on channel 707, instead of channel 7. The interface is definitely a little slower, which will take some getting used to.
While reading the posts from last few weeks, the general feeling I got was, that I should not upgrade my 8300HD DVR, yet. Unfortunately, my HD DVR started acting funky 2 days ago. Currently, when I change the channel, a 4x3 portion of my 16x9 screen would go black. The channel would take a full 20-30 seconds for the channel to change. After the channel changes, the new channel would freeze for 1-2 seconds, then it would be normal. This process makes channel surfing...
here's a story (with pictures) of Verizon FIOS in a very large Manhattan apt building on 89th and York. Looks like FIOS to the apartment is definitely part of the plan, for those of us that live in apartments!! http://www.dslreports.com/forum/remark,17725924
yes, the CSR was honest. I am sure she understood, that I was getting screwed and I should expect more of the same in Feb. however, the CSR probably does not really care and cannot do anything about it. I have been thinking of getting rid of the HD Tier. Since I almost never watch ESPNDH, I am only really using 3 channels of the HD tier. This would be unfortunate, since those channels provide the 'wow' factor when showing someone what HD is really like.
So I called TWC about loosing INHD2 Me: So I lost channel INHD2. CSR: yes, but it's not TWC's fault. INHD removed that channel. Me: so will I see a new channel to replace it? CSR: I dont think so, but let me check.......there are no plans to replace INHD2 Me: So will I get money back since I 'm paying for 5 channels but now getting 4? CSR: Let me check.......No refunds will be given for INHD2 Me: So I will pay the same amount, but receive one fewer channel on the...
We don't have to call. TWC automatically increases our bills Feb of every year.
I have the 8300HD DVR. Today, I noticed that when I look at the list of recorded shows, there is now an hour glass on the older shows. When I highlight those shows, I see that it states "About two days" What does this mean? Will my shows be deleted?
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