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D9, I was wondering the same thing. How did TWC get enough bandwidth for 3 permanent HD channels, all of a sudden? Did they remove analog channels? Is SDV involved? Was TWC improperly "claming" lack of bandwidth?
I guess I am lucky. My wife never watches any SD channels, if there's a HD channel available. She likes these shows: CSI: Miami (she LOVES the scenery in HD) Any travel show in HD except Get Out! Desparate Housewives Cold Case The Office 30 Rock How I met your mother The Class Two and a half men Jericho 24 SNL
I attended DigitalLife at the Javits Center this weekend. Verizon was pushing their FIOS product, which I am desparately waiting for. Verizon guy stated as fact, that Long Island City and Bayside queens would go live with FIOS Internet this year.
What makes u think that there will be nothing but HD in 5 years? All Broadcast video will be digital within 5 years, but there will be no requirements for HiDef.
I just called and asked if this was a TWC problem or a FOX problem. CSR stated it was a TWC issue. I was told that I would have to call back and request credit, but only after the problem is resolved.
Here's an intersting article claiming that cable companies would have plenty of bandwidth if they persue SDV and removal of analog channels. Although article states nothing new, it does stress the importance of implementing these technologies very quickly, if they want to complete with services such as FIOS.http://www.lightreading.com/document...T.svl=tease4_2
WOW. What a coincidence. Last weekend, I sent emails to the local (NYC) news for NBC, FOX and CBS, asking what are their plans for broadcasting in HD. I only got a response from FOX, stating that they have not yet decided whether they will go HD for local news. I got no response from NBC, yet today they annoucnce this great news.
This is off-topic, but I think vast majority of NY'ers consider the UWS from 59th to 96th street, and from CPW to Riverside. BTW, I got the faster Internet speed in Queens.
Same thing happened to me. While @ work, I called TWC and asked about NYC road runner users getting higher speeds. The CSR assured me that nobody in NYC had gotten speed increases. CSR assured me the only way to get faster speed, is to order the premium service. I knew the CSR was plain wrong, but I did not want to argue. Came home and rebooted my cable modem, then realized I had the faster speed. It really would help if the CSR were kept up to speed, about the service...
Yep. I am missing a lot of channels in Queens. I think all the TWC CSRs are busy, cause I cannot get thru.
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