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I called TWC at 6:00, regarding the upcoming tennis on 708. I actually got a CSR who was aware of the HD channels. She asked if I was receiving 701 or 710. I am. I explained that others were getting the channel. She said it would start working at 7pm and if it does not, I should call back. It's now 7:35 and it's not working. I also get a grey screen. So I am on hold now. I can only imagine what BS they will tell me.
I just got the $10 rebate also. The CSR actually went out of his way to research the availability of this special rebate. When he came back on the phone, he said he would apply the discount as of today. Took about 10 minutes including the hold time.
Is there any technical reason to use TWC's Digital Phone, versus Vonage or other cheaper VoIP provider? Seems like Digital Phone is more expensive, yet has fewer features.
Is it possible for a building to setup equipment (satellite dish) to service many/all tenants within the building, in NYC? I do not have a window facing south and I am getting sick of the yearly TWC increases, without anything to show for it.
THis is definitely not an 8300HD problem. There are too many people having the same symptom at the same time. I have had 3 days of 2-3 second drops, just like many others are reporting. It must be a TWC problem. We'll see what happens 2nite.
I saw the following and thought member of this forum would be interested... http://apnews.excite.com/article/200...D88SSHO81.html Bob Watson, any comment on when we migth see this?
Per http://msn.foxsports.com/nascar/story/3208644 the entire NASCAR season on FOX should be on 720p and DD5.1.
I also picked mine up in Flushing, today, at 6pm, on the 1st floor. How is it possible that the 2nd floor does not know that these boxes, which people are looking for, are on the 1st floor. I wonder how many TWC customers were turned away without an 8300HD, even though they had them. Anyway, now that the 8300HD is up and running, I can order the HDXtra tier.
I will upgrade to the HD tier as soon as TWC NYC deploys the 8300HD STB. Why pay more for sub-standard HiDef picture quality?
I too do not get a signal on 721. I'm in Queens.
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