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I've started having strange audio problems on one of my two receivers a couple of days ago: the audio breaks up and runs very slow between breakups so that everyone's voice is much lower and slower then it should be. My second receiver seems to work fine. Any ideas what might be causing this? ------------------ wayne-o
I was getting a low signal on Dish's HD (61.5) sat last night with HBOHD dropping out. Was anyone else seeing this problem? I'm wondering if my dish needs to be readjusted or if others are seeing this problem. Thanks, Wayne-O ------------------ wayne-o
I've never been able to get mine to work. I have a very large living room and I just assume that the vcr is not getting a strong signal from the 6000. The only way I can get it to work is to hold something in front of both units (a large pad of paper) - not a very practical solution. Maybe if the units were inside a cabinet behind glass doors they might work? ------------------ wayne-o
Hey - when I tuned into KCET tonight they showed up on channel 80 rather then 59. Anyone know what's up? ------------------ wayne-o
Does anyone know when Dish is going to release the much touted software upgrade for the 6K? I'm looking forward to the new features. ------------------ wayne-o
Well I took the plunge and put a deposit on the 620 at Good Guys today. They are due in May 11th. I had a $250 rebate from the presidents' day sale when I bought my 56H80. This receiver looked like the best buy in its price range and seems to have everything I need. It will give me some time to finish the speakers I'm building - the Audax HTs from Madisound. I've read a lot of good things about them, and since I'm a wood worker its been fun building the enclosures. Can't...
I'm thinking about buying the Yamaha RX-V620. It seems like it has pretty good features for $499. Are there any reviews on it anyone knows of? What other receivers with simular features are there for about the same price? I went down to buy one at Goodguys today, but they wont have any stock until mid May ;-(. ------------------ wayne-o
Hi, I'm seeing seeing a ringing effect around vertical white to black transitions when I used the VE test DVD. It appears as multiple vertical lines around vertical white to black transitions. Am I seeing the effects of SVM? It's not clear to me how much effect this will have on a typical picture - it looks bad on the test patterns, but a typical movie does not have many transitions that are this sharp. Equipment: 56H80, Toshiba 6200 Settings:...
d'oh! I,ve lost the KCET signal 3 times so far during the NOVA show. Anybody else having this problem? ------------------ wayne-o
sounds like it might be a similar problem to one I had. ABS is the only station that xmits in 720p. I was getting what they call "zipper effect" where everything had jagged edges on ABC. If you shift the picture from the 6000 to the left or right slightly it will fix the problem. There is an adjustment somewhere in the 6000 setup menu, under hdtv I think, that lets you move the picture. When I moved it slightly to the right the jagged edges went away. I'm at work so I...
New Posts  All Forums: