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I'm bumping this back on top so I can get an answer from my fellow Cincy HD users! Is there a problem with channel 19 (DT)? I can no longer receive any signal whatsoever from this station. Are they off air or do I have a problem? Thanks, John
Paul, My house was 50% demolished in the 2000 tornado which gave me an opportunity to mount my attic antennas outside or at least outside until the new roof was put back on the frame. I watched WLWT (DT-31) last night with NO drops. Another wierd thing about this is the fact I originally installed this antenna back in 2000 and pointed it probably close to where it is now (Cincy) and I had NO problems receiving all the Cincy stations except for DT-10 (9). This was...
Paul, I can try that but it's not easy as my antenna is mounted in the attic! The thing that bothers me is I watched this channel all weekend with NO problems. I guess I've seen other problems just as weird as this one. I'll drag a small TV to the attic and try to tweak tonight. At least the weather has cooled down so going up there is not all that bad just a hassle taking the TV with me. Thanks, John
Looking for any suggestions as several people have confirmed their signal strength to be "NORMAL" for WLWT-DT. The thing that bothers me and where I need anyone's suggestions is DT-29.1, 33.1 and 31.1 are all being received in the upper 90's. Any suggestions? John
Dirac, I hate to disagree with nightwatchman but he is right every location is unique but my channel master 8 bay UHF attic mounted antenna @224 deg. picks up all Cincy channels except (DT-9(ABC)) and I receive all the Dayton channels at 100% signal strength with NO problems. Static mounted in attic. John
Check Zenith's site as they are touting the HD530 which is the replacement for the 520. This will mean Sony will introduce the HD300 as both are manufactured by LG Electronics. John
You have the original released firmware (0.80) The new firmware is 1.04 and will be downloaded through DirecTV....who knows when but hopefully soon. John
I've noticed several people are starting to receive refurbished HD200 units with the unpgraded software installed (1.04). Can anyone report if they had the older software and digital audio drops has the new software solved this issue? I've been waiting since August to re-purchase the HD200 if Sony could / would solve this issue. Please report your experiences with the new software! Thanks, John
rfeng, I think there are a majority of people that visit this forum daily that would appreciate your feedback with the new software. It appears you have experienced most of the documented problems with the HD200. I for one only had a problem with the digital audio drops and I'm very curious to see if that problem was addressed and resolved in this update. Please provide all of us with your evaluation of the software update. Thanks, John
Just Got Off The Phone With Sony (Level II Tech) Just to let everyone know the level II tech I spoke with today confirmed for me that Sony was NO software update in the works. I n fact he said they have had very few reports of HD200 owners with the Digital Audio Dropout problem. He suggested for me to return the unit for repair or exchange. I told him I had taken the first unit back to CC and received another new unit that had the same exact problem and my HD100 did...
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