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OK, so here's my story. I hate Walmart, but I went to one and picked up a Vizio 3820. Loved the sound and, with my room configuration, got good "surround" effects from it. The problem was that when I had opened the box, it was obvious that this unit had been used before! It had a Walmart yellow & white sticker on the back of the bar itself, and was missing the mounting brackets and digital coax cable. I tried to get them to just give me a cable to replace the one that...
I'll be less PC about that review. Whoever wrote it was full of horse dung. It is amazing the fantasy filled attributes people place on products.
Sounds more t me like he has a hearing problem that only spans the normal vocal frequency range. This can certainly happen. Hearing loss can cover the whole sound spectrum, or only a portion of it. If that is the case, perhaps a hearing aid that amplifies only that range may help.
In your original post, you said you have removed a number of the CDs to try to find a cause. Have you actually taken the cover off the player yet? Should just be a couple screws on each side, plus two or three on the back. You will get a much better view of what may be blocking it this way., and it is easy to do.
Yeah, I've read that. I don't remember reading whether it was the digital output or analog output being used, though.This is interesting. I don't recall ever reading (or hearing) anything about what level of THD could be detected by a listener. It is something I've never thought to look into. Where did you come across that tidbit?
At first I was wondering if someone took a pee in your cornflakes this morning, then I saw the smiley. Thanks.Thank you. This does bring another question to mind, though. Considering the age of the cdp-101, do people not think the analog stage of players has improved since then? So that if a person were to pick up the current cheap Sony, the analog out would not be different than, for example, a current Marantz? Remember, I'm speaking of analog only.
Excuse my lack of familiarity with the player you mentioned, but what brand of player are you talking about?
No offense intended, but.......That is sure a lot of anger and hate for one person. You might want to switch to decaf or maybe just try to calm things down a bit. Can't be healthy for you.By the way. Apple does not have any proprietary codecs. ALAC is open source. Maybe you mean the protection they put on files?
Sorry no one has answered you so far. I have the Samsung soundbar AND the Bose Cinemate II. I totally think the Bose has much better sound, and especially separation of channels.
That is likely. If I remember, from seeing one before, the sub speakers port out the bottom of the bar (as well as the end ports) so it would likely muffle the bass.
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